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Roambi Analytics™
Understand Your Numbers

Roambi Analytics™ takes data from anywhere and transforms it into a simple, engaging, and intuitive experience that helps you understand your numbers.

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A Different
Point of View

Roambi Analytics™ is made up of 10 different views. Each one is a unique combination of interactive navigation, visualization, and analytic features designed to engage and guide you through your data.

Easy as 1,2,3

Because Roambi Views are already designed, creating your first Roambi is a simple 3 step process. To get started, simply sign up for a trial account to use our easy, completely re-designed publishing tool.

Import Data

Pick which view you want to use, then choose an excel, CSV, or HTML file to upload


Once the data is in, you can either publish your view, or easily create rich interactive charts and more that bring your data to life.


Add users to your account then securely share your Roambi down to their iPad/iPhone/or iPod touch, then sit back and take all the credit!

  1. Import
  2. Transform
  3. Publish

Data Unchained

Roambi's goal is to provide the best experience to your data, not to control it. That's why Roambi has always been open to data from anywhere, from spreadsheets, to BI, Big Data, CRM and more. Roambi provides the best mobile experience to all your data, in one single app.

  • Spreadsheets

  • Databases

  • BI

  • CRM

No Bars, No Problem

To provide the best mobile experience Roambi is built differently. By storing data locally on the device, we always have you covered, even when your carrier doesn't.

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