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5 Data Visualization Blogs We’re Reading Right Now

Data Visualization

At Roambi, data visualization is what we love to do. We’re always looking for others who share our passion and are using data to change the world, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest blogs on data visualization and information design that we’ve been tuning into. Enjoy!

1.) Cool Infographics

The Cool Infographics blog is exactly what it sounds like: really cool. Each post displays thought-provoking, and often trendy, data in entertaining infographics that turn “data into information”. Topics are diverse, ranging from social issues and patterns to corporate mergers, plus they give away the data for free.

Favorite Recent Post:

World’s Biggest Data Breaches


2.) Information is Beautiful

The team at the Information is Beautiful blog is passionate about information design, and it shows in their stunning data graphics.

Favorite Recent Post:

Influ-Venn-Za: Who can catch which flu?

Which Flu Can You Get?


The marketing arm of the platform, the blog is an in-depth resource for anyone who wants to learn best practices for visualizing and using data to solve problems.

Favorite Recent Post:

Learning From Mistakes in Visualization

baby boomers infographic

4.) WTF Visualizations

This is a fun one. The side project of Drew Skau, a contributor at, WTF Visualizations is a catalogue of misleading, or outright bad, infographics that is both humorous and educational.

Favorite Recent Post:

50% is the new 75%

Data Visualization

5.) Flowing Data

Flowing Data is a fascinating blog run by data visualization expert, Nathan Yau, that explores the data flows we experience everyday (think credit card transactions, caloric intake, time spent working, etc) and how experts process them.

Favorite Recent Post:

Searching for Other Earths

Data Visualization

Do you have a favorite data, metrics, or analytics blog that we’re missing? Share it with us in the comments below.

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