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The Pulse of Your Business,
In The Palm of Your Hand.

Data is the life blood of any organization, and Roambi is optimized to get critical information into the hands of everyone, from the corner office to the factory floor in a form thats simple, engaging and intuitive.

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Companies all over the world and of every size are using mobile devices and Roambi to get data into the hands
of everyone who needs it, from the corner office to the corner store.
Mobile Execs

For Mobile Execs

Get the pulse of your business,
in the palm of your hand.

Field Reporting

For Field Reporting

Deliver engaging mobile reports to drive better decisions and productivity.


For Data-Rich Content

Create rich, engaging
experiences for your audience.

Beyond BI

Roambi is a unique blend of data analytics, mobile, and productivity applications. This groundbreaking combination supports new ways of utilizing data that go far beyond traditional BI and truly democratize how users engage with and utilize data every day.


Roambi approaches security as a critical responsibility, as well as an opportunity to innovate a new class of security features. In order to protect the data of the biggest enterprises in the world we have developed a secure architecture as well as industry leading features to guarantee the security of your data at all times.

In Transit and At Rest

Communications between server and device utilize SSL 3.0/TSL 1.0, while Auth is performed using the industry standard OAuth 2 protocol. Data stored at rest on the Roambi server utilizes 256 bit AES in Cipher Block Chaining mode with ESSIV.

App Passcode

Force your users to set a unique passcode to open Roambi apps on their device with varying length from 4-10 characters. In addition you can set passcode to offline only, so users only deal with the inconvenience of entering their code when the app can't connect to the server.

File Expiration

This Roambi will self destruct! Set an expiration time on any file you publish and it will delete itself off the users device at the end of the timer, whether they are connected or not.

Single Sign-on

Roambi Business utilizes SAML 2.0 to support single sign on - While the Roambi Server product integrates with industry standard SSO's like Kerberos, SiteMinder, MS TMG, OAM and more.

Remote Wipe

Instantly delete all your data from any users device, at any time. Whether your users have lost an iPhone, or left the company, remote wipe lets you safely remove your content with laser precision and peace of mind.

Complete Control

Roambi offers a full suite of administrative tools to give you maximum control over your users, your content and your applications.

User Management

Control access, manage devices, roles, permissions and more.

Content Management

The On-Premise version lets you utilize your existing file management system to control access to folders, files, and even supports row-level security. Roambi Business provides it's own file system with full content management features like permissions and sharing rights.

Application Management

Gives you the control to restrict users from sharing files from their devices, taking screenshots, printing and more.

  1. Manage Users
  2. Manage Content
  3. Manage Applications

In The Cloud, On-Premise:

Roambi is available in two different versions - Roambi Business, our new cloud offering and Roambi Server, an on-premise version that can be installed behind your firewall. To get started with Roambi Business sign up today for a Free 30 Day Trial, or to learn more about our server product.

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