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The Leading Mobile Reporting and Analytics App

Roambi re-designs the way you interact with, share, and present data from a completely mobile perspective.

Roambi + Box

Now you can build Roambi Analytics views and Roambi Flow publications directly from source files stored inside of Box, then use Box Sync to keep data up to date in real-time.

"Data visualization software like Roambi will make business analytics more valuable by making it available everywhere."
- Aaron Levie, CEO, Box

Designed & Built
Mobile First

Having the right data at the right time can open doors, close a deal, and save you money. Designed and built mobile-first, Roambi has become the standard in mobile reporting.

  • Native architecture
  • Beautiful, fluid, multi-touch first UI
  • 100% Use of all data and features offline
  • Incredible performance
  • Optimized experience for tablet AND phone

Learn How Thousands of Businesses Use Roambi Every Day

Companies all over the world and of every size are using mobile devices and Roambi to get data into the hands
of everyone who needs it, from the corner office to the corner store.
Mobile Execs

For Mobile Execs

Get the pulse of your business,
in the palm of your hand.

Field Reporting

For Field Reporting

Deliver engaging mobile reports to drive better decisions and productivity.


For Data-Rich Content

Create rich, engaging
experiences for your audience.

Roambi Analytics™
Understand Your Numbers

No matter where your data is coming from, Roambi Analytics transforms it into a simple, engaging, and intuitive experience to help you and your users understand your numbers.

Roambi Flow™
Tell The Story

True information goes far beyond tables and charts. Roambi Flow lets you surround your data with context, create an engaging experience, and tell the story behind the numbers.

Sample Customers
ADP AirBnB America First Cox Dallas Cowboys Dow Corning groupm LANX Life Tech Novartis Ogilvy Phoenix Suns Sidney Airport SONY The Telegraph University of Oklahoma USAA

"The design is sleek and the workflow is easy. With a couple flicks and taps, a manager can get a good sense of the performance of a business department or product line. Also, it is fairly easy to implement – taking as little as a day. That’s unheard of in the enterprise space."


"Making presentations look pretty on a large screen is challenging enough. This colorful app transforms data into interactive charts and graphs and instantly sends them to your mobile device."


"I never thought I’d say big data could be visually stunning, but thanks to apps like Roambi I might have to reconsider. Their focus on UX and UI design is helping to transform the way businesses access, consume, and communicate complex information."


"It’s doing for enterprise software what Flipboard did for Twitter and Facebook: deliver a better way of quickly consuming information."

The Wall Street Journal

"The app, meant to be used on the iPads, takes sales data and arranges it in interactive graphs, making it easier for Life Technologies' sales team to make sense of mountains of sales and customer data while on the road."