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Going Mobile, Staying Secure

Securely Unlock Your Data

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Learn best practices for securely mobilizing your business data:

Deploying a mobile solution isn’t just about making key data available to employees. Getting your data on-the-go is critical to your organization’s success, but how do you go mobile while ensuring your important business assets are protected?

This webinar will cover:

  • The security risks and challenges of taking your data mobile
  • The capabilities and characteristics of an enterprise-class solution
  • The multi-layer security protection Roambi guarantees

On-Demand Webinar

Join Mark Bouchard, CISSP and Founder of AimPoint Group and Roambi security expert Ian Grange to learn best practices for going mobile and how Roambi’s Multi-Layer Security controls and protects your business data.

  • Mark Bouchard | CISSP and Founder of AimPoint Group
  • Ian Grange | Roambi security expert
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